Legal expert: scolding Abadi minister unconstitutional two articles

Tuesday 14 June 2016 | 19:36
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BAGHDAD / .. confirmed legal expert Tareq Harb, Tuesday, legal documents issued by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi Office against the sacked minister, which summed up the ministers of health, electricity sacked after the approval of the House of Representatives to vote for the appointment of new ministers.

He said the war's "Eye of Iraq News" that " the reprimand sacked two ministers who are still in office, is a legal, not standing, they Mqalon It is not legal to continue their duties , " noting that " the complaints to the Federal Court by them against the House of Representatives and the President , it is a recognition of the constitutionality of Aqalthma. "

The expert added that "it is supposed to end the legislative recess for the House of Representatives after, to be sworn in five new ministers, and the announcement of the expiration of the task of the sacked ministers, and keep them away, to receive new tasks, and start reform projects."

The Abadi had issued two books, the first entitled to the Minister of Electricity article Qassim Fahdawi, stating emphasis on Fahdawi break from always being voted upon Balacalh, and came in second in which the Minister of Health addressed the article Adila Hammoud, which emphasized on Hammoud break from always , it is voted on by Balacalh. It ended 15