Fayez is expected hindsight parliamentary crisis early next July

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Expect the National Alliance MP Amer Al-Fayez, on Tuesday, the end of the parliamentary crisis early next July after the issuance of the Federal Court decision on the legality of the current presidency.

Fayez said in a press statement that "the Federal Court obliged to issue its decision about the parliamentary appeals submitted to it by the MPs on the legality of the current presidency, and a session to vote on the cabinet, without political pressure, in addition to the presence of the introduction by the House of Representatives legal data for basing them," noting that "the continuation of the eradication of foot-dragging in resolving the issue will remain listed on the current parliamentary crisis in the coming period."

"The court decided to lift its to 28 of this month, pending receipt of the report of the technical expertise, and this period within the legislative recess of the parliament," expected "to heal the rift between the political forces of Deputies early next July."