Sulaimaniyah - time
Download the MDC leader Mustafa Nushirwan Kurdistan Democratic Party responsible for what he described as exacerbating the economic crisis in the Kurdistan region returned the recent agreement between the movement to change the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) will change the balance of power in the region legitimate and legal ways.

Mustafa said at a meeting with Hamas officials said yesterday that (the financial crisis had created problems for the citizens of Kurdistan) blaming (the Kurdistan Democratic Party responsible for the current situation on the territory it controls resources). He Mustafa (in the past we had great hope the independence of the oil region's economy but the provincial authorities did not carry out the promises made to the representatives of the political parties in parliament, the government and delivered the territory to the current situation) indicating that (the agreement signed recently between the MDC and PUK will change the balance of power in region legitimate and legal) ways.

He continued that (agreement is the result of a year of debates and will be worked out in terms of Iraq, the region and the provinces) the To this count, spokesman for the Arab tribes in Nineveh province Muzahim encompassed the region's president, Massoud Barzani, is the best figure to represent the Sunni component, referring to the leaders failed to build a political project clearly serve this component. He encompassed in a statement yesterday that the (Barzani is the best figure to represent the Sunnis in Iraq), pointing out that (Barzani gave Iraqis a lot of years in their plight, especially after being attacked Daash). He encompassed He added that the (Sunni leaders in Iraq have failed to build a clear political project to serve this component during the last term) indicating that (this problem has caused strained relations between Kurds and Sunnis) and explained encompass that (there are points and the Sunni figures are trying to sow discord).