Babel stopped all projects and calls for the implementation of solutions

2016/06/13 16:23


Emaar announced Babylon, Monday, stop all conservation projects because of the economic crisis in Iraq, and noted that there are important and vital projects, Hilla and 34 building ducts and other school projects, while stakeholders invited to provide benefits companies and contractors for the purpose of completing such projects.

It said its rebuilding Babel, Titanic mallouh told (range), that "all the conservation projects are at a standstill because of lack of financial allocations by the economic crisis experienced by Iraq after falling oil prices and the fallout from large and influential in completing these projects."

Mallouh, said that "the number of stalled projects approximately 400 strategic project, between agricultural and educational services, in addition to other important projects in the sectors of the Secretariat, including the big suit and streams 34 construction school building project ready as well as parametric methods and other other projects wemgsr mother and my building Babylon, conservative and Council draft entries.

He waved to the County, and after the improvement in oil prices recently, meditate in the coming months to get part of financial benefits by the Ministry of planning to complete some important projects, "adding that" all projects halted by resolution 347, numbered from the ladder, which includes all provinces the rest until the financial liquidity. "

He waved, that endangered the stalled projects and loss rates of achievement reached in the event of non-completion was delayed we reward her, calling on parties concerned to expedite the provision of financial allocations for the province for the purpose of paying companies and contractors implementing a number of previous projects or still in progress. "

Recall that the reconstruction of Babylon founded years ago by decision of the local Government to oversee preparation for conservation projects and has opened several branches in the majority of districts and areas, with engineers and technicians and accountants and lawyers to pursue government projects implemented.