After a hiatus of six years for major oil refineries. Restart the modern filter (details)

13-06-2016 03:30 PM

A local official in Anbar province, on Monday, that engineering cadres ' modern ' refinery restarted in Anbar province, which is one of the most important oil refineries, after 6 years of interruption.

The local Administrator said in a press statement, that ' modern refinery restarted engineering cadres in Haditha West gray, because of the difficulty of delivering oil products from Baghdad to modern people because of the embargo imposed on them by ISIS, since mid-2014 and to this day '.

The official, who asked not to be named, ' modern filter where oil reservoirs contain 80 thousand tons of raw materials, has been pumping them into the refinery and we produce white oil and gas in large quantities and tremendous enough residents of Haditha, Al-Baghdadi hand trapped by ISIS '.

He said ' white oil material were distributed in Haditha and albghadad area in accordance with the ration system, where each family received 40 litres of those materials for use in cooking.

The ' modern refinery was off work for six years because of security conditions, when he was threatened by the then al-Qaeda before ISIS '.He pointed out that ' cadres fully drained their energies were not filled, due to the circumstances and the present situation, we are just running to meet the needs of the people of those materials necessary in the lives of citizens '