Parliamentary Finance: No tax or a new deduction for salaries of employees of the international loan conditions

2016/6/13 14:59

[Oan- Baghdad]

Parliamentary Finance Committee denied, news about the existence of a new tax or deduction for salaries of employees under the terms of international loans obtained by Iraq recently.

The committee member said Hossam punitive told all of Iraq [where], "What throughput of some media concerning the imposition of tax on the total salary of employees by 15% under the terms of an IMF loan is not true and got a misunderstanding, and this was confirmed by us and the Ministry of Finance."

"The withholding of the salaries of the staff remains only 3% according to the budget law and allocated to rally public and internally displaced people and there is no new deduction."

He pointed punitive to, that "Matnolth some media arrival of salaries tax nominal staff to 15% that is not accurate because the tax code is determines the proportion where you start from 7% down to 15%, depending on the value of salary and years of service."

He pointed out, that "In principle some of the terms of IMF loans, including certain tax change for degrees and special Supreme include director general and special grades, consultants, and Deputy Minister and the minister and members of parliament and the three presidencies and be a tax on the total salary and not relative only without specifying the percentage and leave in accordance with the Iraqi tax law. "

And between, the "employee salary and a half million dinars or lower it is no tax deduction or new."

The Ministry of Finance has announced that in 19 of the last May Iraq for a loan exceeds the $ 5.4 billion interest rate of 1.5% from the International Monetary Fund might allow Iraq to get another $ 15 billion in international aid over the next three years, as the Islamic Development Bank announced he taught lend Iraq $ 3 billion in the reconstruction of liberated areas and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

Document Monetary Fund showed that Iraq is expected to face a funding gap of up to $ 17 billion in the current year is not able to measure more money.

Some media have recently circulated that the new international loans imposed taxes on employees' salaries from the lower grades.