Hammoudi calls on defense and Interior and the crowd of hiring military industries

2016-06-13 12:31

Baghdad scales news

He praised a member of House Commission headed by Humam Hamoudi to declare war industries company successfully test fired four mortars which were filled with explosives inside the company, pointing out that the move will pay to the relevant authorities to apply for purchase of products especially after ensuring conformity with better specs.

Hammoudi has a statement called given/balance of news/defense and interior ministries and the popular crowd and repackaging it for direct processing of military industries company after proving successful experiences of military industries, demanding Prime Minister Haider Abadi "pay special attention to this matter and that the revival and rehabilitation of military equipment and military production lines, especially in exceptional circumstances a t the country as well as the contribution that activate local product and keep the money.

The first Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies within his campaign and supportive visits to local products, earlier visited the headquarters of the defense industry and briefed the factories operational and production lines, as well as for the subsequent visit of meetings with the Secretary of Defense and Interior and the personalities of the men folk crowd to push for the advancement of military industries and the need to direct contracting with the company.