Iraq joins the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants

2016-05-13 at 10:18

Baghdad scales news

Iraq has officially joined the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants.

And Technical Secretary at the Ministry of health and the environment in a statement received agricultural gasim/the balance of news copy, "Secretary of the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants Convention officially declared Iraq's accession, stressing that" this is a significant achievement for the Ministry of environment to keep up with the world in reducing the negative effects of POPs on human health and the environment in Iraq. "

He added that "Iraq's accession agricultural for this agreement came after several years of study and had formed a Committee of several ministries recommended accession Iraq then discussed the Convention in the State Council and the Cabinet finally approved by the House late last year, explaining that" the Convention aims to prepare precautionary approach on environment and development for the protection of human health and the environment from POPs. "

I repeat that "this agreement will guarantee not to permit the export of hazardous chemicals that have a long-term impact and semi-fixed so it will help Iraq to get rid of these toxic and dangerous to the environment and human health as part of the Iraq policy and access to environmentally sound and integrated management and healthy chemicals and hazardous wastes.

Agricultural pointed out that the Convention is an international environmental treaty Stockholm agenda in 2001 and took effect as of January 2004 and aims to eliminate or reduce the production and use of persistent organic pollutants, is a kind of organic compounds resistant to degradation or environmental degradation through chemical, biological and photodegradation.