Iraq calls on world countries to abide by the drying up of terrorism and confirms the higher coverage for income tax

2016/06/12 18:57


The Iraqi Government on Sunday called on all States to abide by Security Council resolutions on terrorism drying up, revealed that the memorandum of economic and financial policies will help fight corruption and provide substantial financial support for Iraq, and pointed out that the memorandum underlines the importance of preserving social spending, has confirmed that the note under special grades and higher grades of income tax exemption for military personnel and with grades of 3 down.

This came during a press briefing, spokesman of the information Office of the Prime Minister, Saad Al-Hadithi, as her disciple (long press).

Al-Hadithi said, that the Iraqi Government emphasizes the commitment of the Governments of the world, particularly those in the region, the relevant UN Security Council resolutions to pursue and prosecute and hold each individual or Association provides financial support to terrorist or displayed is flag and facilitate the process of obtaining funds help sustain his abilities and furnish reasons ", calling on those Governments to stand with Iraq in the war against terrorism by addressing their packets prove to be provided or provide any form of financial support for terrorism."

The spokesman added that "the Iraqi Government, remember all that relevant UN Security Council rules, bound to different countries and must be fully adhered to and applied decisively and accurate by everyone without exception," expressing "the aspiration of the Iraqi Government for the world's legal and moral role in limiting the capabilities of ISIS and his nutrient material and its tributaries cut through adherence to the will of the international community, expressed in Security Council resolutions."

The spokesman explained that the "requirements of the war on terrorism and confronting the country's financial crisis because of the significant decline in oil prices in the world market, the Iraqi Government work on coordination and cooperation with the international community for financial support to pass the burden of the current phase and final victory on terrorism and the Government's reform programme", noting that the Iraqi Government was able through its vision of balanced foreign relations and openness in relations to the international community and various countries of the world, that opens wide to get Support and assistance from international and regional organizations and major economic countries, international and regional financial organizations.

Hadithi stressed that "the Cabinet in its last meeting, the memorandum of economic and financial policies reached between the Iraqi side and the IMF", adding that "the note help fight corruption, provide substantial financial support for Iraq during the three years, as well as supporting Iraq's credit balance and strengthen confidence in the Iraqi economy which entail open promising prospects for investment and economic and financial cooperation between Iraq and many countries of the world plus Iraq's access to the support of various international and regional financial organizations, And encourages the broadening of investment and stimulate major international companies to invest in various sectors in the market.

Spokesman of the information Office of Abadi, "paragraphs in the memo was about the Iraqi Government's proposals for economic and financial reforms approved by the International Monetary Fund as successful in this area, and that the Government should continue with these reforms for growth and economic prosperity at the strategic level are looking forward to the Iraqi people."

Al-Hadithi said, that "the note stresses the importance of maintaining social spending in areas such as social protection, health, education, ration card and payroll, and emphasizes the action against corruption through integrity laws and procedures and scrutiny on the fictitious jobs, retirement and contracting discreet mods include laws and public financial management decisions, such as integrity, Central Bank law and the law on access to information".

And Al-Hadithi, "the memorandum signed with the IMF emphasizes directives to government agencies for derogation and spending plans approved Exchange in international standards and guarantee stop wastage of public money, optimal use of financial resources", stressing that "the note under special grades and higher grades to an income tax exemption for military personnel and with grades of 3 down from this procedure and no health for all traded otherwise."

The Cabinet was approved last Tuesday (7th of June 2016), a memorandum of economic and financial policies reached with the International Monetary Fund, saying it would "not affect" poor salaries and ration card, health and education.