E-government defiance of administrative corruption

6/13/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi

promised Academy of Mustansiriya Center for Arab and International Studies e - government the imperative need to be applied in every modern state, like keep up with developments in the era of economic revolution, does not lag behind the rise of global information, being a system that carries a lot of positives in the forefront of fast delivery, reduce costs , simplification of procedures, as well as transparency in the administration and the fight against corruption and administrative career.

And Adavc.d. Magic Kaddouri that the shift from traditional management system to a modern system based on information technology, works to facilitate the performance of the departments of public services , and completed in the fastest time of the highest quality, as well as reducing corruption and its repercussions on the economic situation saying that it was , according to some preliminary calculations of economic cost turned out to be increase the state budget deficit, and the low level of public spending on essential goods and services resulting from the high volume of tax evasion, as a result of corrupt practices.

high cost of services and pointed out that according to a recent World Bank study illustrated that rising capital formation costs for buildings and equipment resulting from the commissions that range in some third world countries from 20 percent to 50 percent over the original cost, led to a rise in the cost of services as a result of the additional costs resulting from corrupt practices.

She said Kaddouri: The e-government advantages and positive traces can be achieved in the fight against corruption, pointing out that in accordance to follow specific procedures provided for in the e - government system can achieve the principle of transparency in transactions without bias among users of public services through the provision of services in a structured program in advance, citizen You can access services at any time during the 24 hours a day without intervention by staff.
It showed that the e - government service, provide a system accurate audit and accounting accompanying it reduces the administrative and organizational problems, and social that helps to bribery and gifts, not to mention the recruitment and selection of staff in a neutral manner on the basis of competence and experience in the work without personal considerations.

The beginning of e - governance and noted that the system e - government is not once, but in several stages, and could be called the beginning of the application phase of the beginning of e - governance, pointing out that the implementation of some government services spontaneously, without an integrated laid plan for achieving e - government system and without specific stages can be called (electronic ) any provision of certain services and not the transition to e - government system, so that the process of transformation integrated process, including coordination between the different units of government, not to provide specific unit only for its services.

complexities and integrated system and concluded Kaddouri her speech by saying that the harvest of the previous benefits of the use of modern technologies for eGovernment needs to manage and design Cade among government departments in the country to find a real commitment to using and based those techniques on administrative leadership has the vision, indicating that the absence of effective administrative leadership and the lack of legal regulation and legislation, and the immaturity of public awareness, as well as the lack of appropriate technical infrastructure, makes difficult local e - government application is successful, saying that e - government is not a slogan raising, but is a complex process and an integrated system of human and informatics, legislative and environmental components, you need to set of integrated requirements in order to apply its strategy in practice.