Direct investment projects into production side

6/13/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
Despite improvements in the sale of crude oil prices in world markets compared to previous - month period and to increase the financial revenues of the state, but the need continues to apply austerity policy, especially with the exorbitant cost of the war against gangs »Daash» terrorist, which called for an expert to stress the need to direct investment projects into production side while urging citizens to legalize spending and consumption and shortening the important respects. And it has taken the government since last year 's austerity measures for the money earned from oil imports and collection investment, notably the reduction of allocations officials and reduce security guards, as well as the application of laws to support the state treasury and customs Kaltarafh and taxation suspended hundreds of projects in Baghdad and the provinces. In this regard, it underlines expert Mahmoud Alloush »Sabah» need to be directed investment projects in time Alhadharaly productivity, service and infrastructure projects such as electricity, water and sewage, as well as education, health and other sectors, as a priority without focusing on the expansion of the commercial market , or recreational , as applicable Currently.

With the approval Bhdharyh such projects (commercial Kalmullac and entertainment), but he noted it was a passive state, as it helps to dispel Almwardalmalah citizen and consumption of this in light of the difficult economic conditions faced by the country as well as offer a lot of goods below the required level, so it is supposed to codify spending at the present time, and that import be a programmer, and encouragement and focus on the national industry as well as pursue sound economic policy within the framework of the situation that Amrabh country.

sees Alloush that «the citizen that the state take part in the difficult conditions, with follow the policy of austerity and rationing consumption, especially that a large part of the country 's revenues go to military operations requirements and resolve the battle against al «Daash» terrorist and edit cities occupied along with issues related to Bamaralamdn liberated and file displaced people ».

Baghdad has seen and most of the provinces during the past three years to build commercial centers (malls) in several areas, as he found citizens in comments »Sabah» an outlet for him and his family to provide the security, in addition to various services, as well as display prices of goods will satisfy all tastes.