TBI management recognizes the dry alhims and confirm: we raised capital to trillion 750 billion dinars

2016/06/12 15:06


Iraqi Trade Bank President announced (TBI) hamdiya Mahmoud dry, Sunday, handing new Director Faisal bank manager Sam alhims, confirmed that attaches to the management of the Bank raised the Bank's capital to $ 1 trillion 750 billion dinars, commended Prime Minister Haider Abadi and security forces to victories in battles against Al (ISIS).

Hamdiya said in a statement faxed to dry (range), a copy of it, that "it divani (192) the honour of the handover of the Iraqi Trade Bank to the new Director General Faisal Medal of alhims, southern culture", and his success and all the employees of this big bank in his name and his achievements. "

She added, "my service at the Bank were for five years where we were able to raise capital of 500 billion dinars to trillion seven hundred fifty billion dollars, and the decision of the Board of Directors to raise capital to trillion and seven hundred and fifty billion of profits which were growing from year to year," stating that "our profits reached in 2015 (544) billion dinars.

She continued, "the Iraqi Trade Bank has achieved an international reputation on the high level of world banks and also proud that we have the support of the private sector", noting that "the Bank financed a lot of industrial and residential projects and a great strategy of projects by the private sector and giving us lots of medium and small loans in accordance with the rules and instructions.

Dry said, "while the new administration Secretariat recognized screwed by the Government headed by Haidar Abadi and Iraqi army command and the armed forces of all types to fully edit our sacred dance aldwaash", "confirmed their willingness to serve the country in any workplace."

Scio was Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Saturday (11 June 2016), clarification on changing departments of banks, noting that holders of Bank management have 13 years experience, who objected to these changes target obstruction of reform.

He was a financial adviser to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Wednesday (8 June 2016), that the Government's decision to sack bank managers "necessary to improve performance in banking reform policy framework, with the House Finance Committee expressed surprise from dismissal without account in particular that hooligans are accused of" corruption ", described the decision as" black comedy. "

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, decided on Tuesday (7th of June 2016), good banks managers exemption Hamad Abdul Wahab, and Mesopotamia on behalf of Hassani and dry and industrial trade hamdiya Kazim nashor agricultural estate Khafaji and Mohammed Hadi rationalizing, with Finance Minister Zebari expressed opposition to the resolution.