"World Government" meet secretly in Dresden

June 12, 2016 9:51 am

"World Government" meeting to be held in Dresden this weekend, noting that this meeting devoted to the consideration of conditions of Russia, China and the Middle East.

The German city of Dresden turned nowadays into a closed city guarded by hundreds of police. It was briefed "Ballet tashinbergh" luxury next to the Opera House by iron fence, preventing any demonstration planning, as well as large gatherings. Also awarded the police to search any person who is questionable.

All these actions caused by the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Club in this city – the capital of Saxony. A meeting is closed as usual, attended by heads of power, politics and economics. This meeting is the 64 for the Club since it was founded in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands. It is surrounded by a veil of confidentiality and secrecy and mystery. It is like the rest of the meetings, which prevent the media from attending. It can detect the topics discussed in these meetings, but without reference to the views of those present. As no records about what goes on at these meetings, where decisions are taken, and votes not making any statement.

All this have several assumptions where one refers to what goes on at these meetings, be it a major influence in political, economic and social processes. In this context, the book of Gerhard vishanivski "Bilderberg leaders" are popular among the opponents of this group. It talks about "plot information, political and economic elite."

And of course, this is denied by the Club members, confirms, for example, organizing Committee Chair for this meeting, Henri de Castries, Chairman of AXA, the French insurance group, in a statement before meeting Dresden, the goal of dialogue behind closed doors is only to facilitate this dialogue.

But it is difficult to imagine break these celebrities about their work and their daily duties for a few days to just talk to each other without an important goal.

Currently arrived to Dresden too heavyweight celebrities including Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Nelson and David Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan and other policy makers and the economy and finance in the United States. Dresdener newspaper reported Neuste Nachrichten that the King of the Netherlands William Alexander is among the participants in this meeting.

And easy to see the heads of large German industrial enterprises in Dresden these days, like: "Siemens" and "Sprenger and Airbus. Also attending this meeting, President of the Federation of German industries Ulrich Grillo, as well as three Ministers: Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, defence Ursula von der, and Interior Thomas de mizier. Business meeting ends on 12 June.

The Bilderberg Group is interested in all global issues. This year's meeting will discuss the problem of migrants, and the US election, the cost of energy and resources, and Internet security as well as China, Russia and the Middle East.

It should be noted that the first meeting, held yesterday, 9 June in hotel "tashinbergh", escorted out of the restricted area protests, especially if the Club raises sensitivity of right and left alike. So expect to organize 20 demonstration against this Club in Dresden until next Sunday. No it will not enjoy the city is calm these days.