U.s. Treasury: most of the money is from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia

June 12, 2016 10:29 am

The Treasury Department estimated the profits earned by organizing "ISIS" terrorist during 2015 billion dollars, but said that the air strikes carried out on its profitability and oil installations controlled began shrinking from that organization's financial capacity, funding of networks in the Gulf to "terrorist organizations".

Modern said Daniel Glaser, the US Treasury Department Assistant Secretary in charge of tracking terrorist financing, "the United States ' efforts to reduce the financial capabilities of ISIS began to bear fruit," explaining that "air strikes carried out by the company of its allies in Iraq and Syria destroyed $ 100 million from the funds of the Islamic State."

Glaser said in a press statement that "a mix between military action and diplomatic intelligence and financial resources besieged displayed is flag, but the organization is still available on the important part of these resources that come from oil and gas sales, extortion, taxation and foreign donations and kidnap-for-ransom and pillaging banks."

With regard to "rule", he pointed out that Glaser "suffered a lot in the financial funding because of tighter controls on persons who practice as well as turmoil in financial networks deployed in more than one place," he said, adding that "the United States continues to see a financing of networks in the Gulf for Al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations."

In turn, Saudi acknowledged Friday, organized the citizens donate campaigns to organize "Islamic State" in Iraq after Fallujah, liberalization starting his be or become poor folk crowd forces participation in operation.

Okaz quoted the Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman general Mansur Al-Turki, that "the participation of Iraqi popular crowd in the battle of Fallujah recovery of ISIS opened the door for donations to terrorist organization."

Turkey claimed that his country can control the sympathies of people ", noting that" Saudi Arabia can control the voluntary campaigns shrug with false fronts, such as the call to donate to children of Fallujah. "

Saudi military official warned that "terrorist financiers deceive people to donate for fake, through Internet tv and social networking sites.

This is the first of its kind by the Saudi authorities to donate its citizens for ISIS and other terrorist groups, criminal in Iraq and Syria, Riyadh accuses regardless of those campaigns and donations.