Over 2000 pieces of land south of Baghdad in preparation for distribution

2016/6/12 12:48

Baghdad: Euphrates news}

completed the Baghdad recount more than two thousand residential plot of land within the municipality of southern Baghdad good cutter.

According to a statement by the Secretariat received {Euphrates news} copy of it, that "the Angels good municipality completed the survey and sort Alvin, 300 residential plot of land within the County 3/10 carry real sequences between {7380-9622} and delivered to property registration service to perform administrative actions and delivered to their owners."

"The process of excretion was an exceptional effort by good municipal Chambers and designs after all specialized and requirements staffs and supplies, particularly to the screening operations include the provinces of {2/10 and 3/10} watercraft 23 thousand residential land area 550 dunams.

The statement added that "the two provinces which are double-think sorting within the future plan to modern cities integrated services such as schools and health services, gardens, parks, stadiums and tourist facilities, commercial centres and markets along with pure water and sewage services.

The process of land will have big impact secretion in addressing the housing crisis and slums and extraterritorial areas besides physical and economic revitalization and job creation for the unemployed ".