Completion of civil works for the hydrogen production project in Baghdad.

ا: 2016/6/12 13:25

انجاز الاعمال المدنية لمشروع انتاج الهيدروجين في بغداد

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

announced the Ministry of construction and housing and the General civil works feat municipalities of hydrogen production project in the capital at a cost of two billion dinars exceeded financial contribution to the advancement of infrastructure throughout the provinces of the country.

The Ministry said in a statement received {Euphrates news} CC "field staffs in General Saad one civilian Ministry completed its work in hydrogen production project in Dawrah for Center of the Ministry of oil refineries in the capital, asserting that the civil works included the work of planing and settle the soil and remove old buildings and dig the pillars and foundations of ovens as well as the work of the reservoir land {V104} for hydrogen with electric service channels and rainwater networks lines."

"The project is of vital projects which walstratigih would run the rest of the refinery units in line with industrial development occurring across countries".

The project involved the establishment of a building to control where two floors of rooms for staff and services and parking wellantrnit ".