Al-Anbar Council examine krhot in the presence of more than two-thirds of its members

2016-06-12 at 14:05

Special the balance of news

Anbar Councilor critic captured suspects, Sunday, to interrogate krhot morning came as a result of ongoing violations and mismanagement, Council drew to a further hearing will be held to decide the Council members convinced answers whether Council Chairman.

He said captured suspects/balance of news/", questioning the speaker of Anbar krhot morning came as a result of ongoing violations, poor governance and Board development", adding that "more than two-thirds of provincial Council asked interview krhot many violations."

He added, that "the interrogation took place today, in the presence of krhot and an absolute majority of the members of the Council", stating that "the decision after questioning postponed until another session to decide whether the conviction members answers."

"The second meeting date to now", pointing to "complete its ordinariness."