Commercial Court gets more than $ 5 billion to State

2016-06-12 11:51 a.m.

Baghdad-the balance of news

Specialized court proceedings beginning business in Baghdad, Sunday, retrieved more than 5 billion dinars for the State in the past five months, the majority of funds recovered from a civil companies in breach of government contracts.

First the judge said in court, Amir Al-shammari said in a statement sent to/news/copy of balance that the Court was able to recover some five billion dinars and more than 46 million dollars, for the period from the beginning of January until the end of May this year.

Shammari said that "most of these amounts collected from Iraqi civil companies as a result of the reimbursement owed or due to violation of the terms of contracts with the State."

He called civil commitment companies Kaur conditions of employment contract with the other party, and fulfilling the commitments of time and material, "pointing out that" any breach of these conditions will far outweigh the outweigh the other. "