The Central Bank take a sentence of corrective decisions on conditions of 8 civil banks

2016/06/12 12:40


The Iraqi Central Bank announced on Sunday, taking a sentence of corrective decisions for eight civil, banks give her three months to implement them.

The Central Bank said in a statement received (range), a copy of it, "the Bank's Board has taken a sentence of corrective decisions for some banks and give her three months to implement them.

The Bank said that "the CBI's Board, eight banks in deposit amounts exceeding 500 billion dinars to boost liquidity to respond to applicants, noting that" Council members committed the boards of private banks back the money they borrowed her from their banks and real estate registration registered their names with the names of the banks. "

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Tuesday, (7th of June 2016), good banks managers exemption Hamad Abdul Wahab, and Mesopotamia on behalf of Hassani and dry and industrial trade hamdiya Kazim nashor agricultural estate Khafaji and Mohammed Hadi rationalizing, with Finance Minister Zebari expressed his objection objection to the decision.

It is said that the banking system in Iraq consists of (54) a Bank as well as the Central Bank and distributed by seven governmental ownership and 23 private commercial, including nine in addition to Muslim (15) branches of foreign banks.