Dollar exchange rate closed lower at 1260 dinars

Views 1051 Date 11/06/2016 - 23:47
Economy News / Baghdad ...

It decreased dollar exchange rates, to close at 1260 dinars to the dollar, while oil prices closed at too low in the stock market on Saturday.

The dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar today:

Bourse struggle - Baghdad 126.000 dinars.

Buying and selling in shops banking rates

Dollar selling price = 126.500 dinars.

The purchase price of the dollar = 125.500 dinars.

While the price of gold locally today:

Price per gram caliber (21) 41.975

Price of crude oil worldwide:

Closing price of a barrel of Brent crude oil to $ = 50.45, down $ 1.50.

Closing price of US crude oil = 48.91 dollars, down 1.65 dollars.

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