Mosul: Daash going through a financial crisis and accept the money instead of the skin and slaughter

Saturday 11 June 2016 | 20:33
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BAGHDAD / .. According to a local blog of Nineveh province, Saturday, that the organization of Daash Pat fabricating sanctions on the population of Mosul, noting that he is interested in these days of financial fines in exchange for exemption from punishment in kind.

According to the Code, which has refused to reveal her name for "Eye Iraq News" that "the organization Daash no longer cares for sanctions and reviewed in a brutal manner, such as flogging and digging graves and slaughter daily public and others, but became dependent on the style of a fine," indicating that it "believes in them enough readiness to face all the repercussions of the future. "

He Entries that "financial penalties have become predominant in any punishment Echtlgaha regulation under false pretenses, although from time to time, committing massacres and brutal equivalent to each physical sanctions and brutal violations at the time of its peak," pointing out that the organization "has recently oldest, on the mass killings of most detainees he has to get rid of the burden of the costs of their stay and guard them in jail, and they finished the day and night. "

They pointed out that the "financial distress suffered by the organization today, is the largest in existence drawback, and perhaps may cause drained and Andtharh more quickly, and that which is not tolerated by the organization because of patience and long self language is the most important characteristic organized for the rest of the regulations."

The city of Mosul (Nineveh) under the control of Tnzemi Daash since the 10th of June 2014, and suffering from a humanitarian crisis as a result of seeking regulation to impose a radical vision on all aspects of social life in the city, while air strikes continue on the elements of the organization sites in the province. It ended 15