Abadi explains why changing the bank managers and gives a number of reasons

Saturday 11-06-2016 | 7:00:10

Twilight News Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said / he said the latest decision to change bank managers came to support the Egyptian sector advanced by methods far from the bureaucracy, and to overcome the principle of quotas.

Abadi was decided last Tuesday to appoint new directors of six state banks, while decided to exempt the intelligence chief and head of state of the Iraqi Media Network to retirement.

According to the leaked document, the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari expressed his objection to the customs clearance issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in which two banks of six managers relieved and appointed others instead of them.

He said Ebadi's office in a statement to the Office of the Lord of Twilight News, said that customs clearance, which was issued by order, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi came to confirm the reform approach in moving the wheel to work in the banking sector, coincided with the launch of a broader lending to industrial, agricultural and residential projects in the private sector, which decides where adoption of advanced and transparent methods based on the electronic presentation and follow-up methodology, and not according to the usual methods of bureaucracy.

He added that none of the banks who are now assigned to the management went on their banking at least thirteen years, though their resumes, and professional reputations, nominated for the sites selected process support. The fact that the experience some of them in the non-government banks is something that reflects the traditional self deplorable performance in the non-governmental sector.

And "I have bestowed quotas on the political, technical and administrative sites cover overlooked for many years, all the legitimate questions in the basic qualifications that justify emulated important and sensitive sites management, and successive attacks directed to discredit the highly qualified are now offering an alternative to the chaos of the quotas, but understand them insistence on disability Sir toward reform, exceeding the sharing of positions, more than they intended to Salah state and its institutions. "

He said, "But what is being said on the exemption and appointment mechanism, the implementation of the Prime Minister is linked to follow procedures sovereignty order, issued by the definitely warrants the appointment and commissioning, as well as addressing the situation of relieved from office in accordance with the laws and regulations in force."

He said Ebadi's office in his statement, "that these excitations, whether deliberate or spontaneous, and despite the superficial perception of the state and its role and powers, they will not increase the pace of reform, but determined to go without hesitation, hoping more understanding and support deal of all loyal to our beloved country."