Political and security forces in Babylon signed "document of honor" to prevent overtaking on parties and religious symbols

2016/06/11 17:50


Proclaimed political forces and leaders of security agencies in Babil province, Saturday, "signed a document of honor" to prevent the overflow on the headquarters of political parties and blocs of religious symbols, as "undemocratic", while stressing that security forces "will strike with an iron hand" of "security risk".

This came during a joint security political Conference, held this afternoon in the Sousse, Ahmed tag Babylon tourist resort (6 km north of Hillah), his presence (long press).

He said the Secretary General of the coordinating body for the political parties and blocs in Babylon Amer Abu alive, during the press conference held following the Conference, the "document of honor signed by political parties and local government heads of the security services, to prevent overtaking and the assault on the headquarters of political parties and blocs and religious symbols."

Live, he added that "parties deplores and condemns any practice of anyone trying to rip people's unity and community cohesion and endangering conservative", noting that "the security services will take a firm stand and strike with an iron hand all of security maintenance."

Governor of Babylon said honest Royal connotation during the press conference, the "document of honor represent the eagerness of political parties in Babylon on national cohesion and internal security."

With his Parry Badr organization Bureau official in Babylon Hassan Shaker told the (range), that "participants in signing the document strongly denounced the assault on the headquarters of political parties being undemocratic practice", pointing out that "Badr organization made 40 martyrs and more than 150 wounded people from Babylon during the battles of the liberation of the areas occupied by criminal Islamic State."

Sadrist leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, Saturday, (11 June now 2016), his supporters to "postpone the demonstrations and leave the partisan headquarters being irrelevant" setting to plan major rally after Ramadan, while stressing the need to maintain "peaceful" demonstrations in the provincial government headquarters, and threatened to "non-interference in terminate future violence if peaceful demonstrations" exit.

Parties and demanded "resistance factions" in Najaf, Saturday, (11 June 2016), Sadr's "innocence" of child molesters in the County, and called the security agencies to eliminate all manifestations of "aggression and riots and crime," warned of "chaos" that forced people to protect themselves by themselves.

It is said that demonstrators stormed on Tuesday, (7th of June 2016), headquarters of several political parties in Baghdad and other provinces, including Qar and Basrah, Najaf, Babel, Wasit.