The International Coalition: grassroots mobilization forces "respectable"!

11 June 2016-10:30 p


Iraq News Network-us Envoy said the international coalition against the Islamic State to Brett slasher magirk Friday evening: the morale of foreign elements in the organization is falling apart, and that the organization executed fighters in battlefield and slasher magirk during a White House press conference that the Organization has lost 50 percent of land in Iraq and 30 percent in Syria, and the border with Turkey is no longer available to its elements and he assured slasher magirk cut road between tenderness and Mosul and fewer regulatory controls who owned about 31 thousand 2014,

"At the moment it is difficult to identify infected them, but between 10 and 25 thousand" slasher magirk that low morale among guerrillas ISIS, forcing management to field executions for certain elements, "ISIS executed one of its leaders every three days." and said that "the Islamic State to reduce salaries slasher magirk its elements, so these items no longer have the desire to stay," and this led to "change the ISIS for propaganda via invitation items to goTo Libya and not to Syria. "and the US official Alliance collects information on ISIS through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and that the information displayed is flag decline appears on social media:"

each account displayed is flag, interviewing six or seven accounts of fighting Islamic State "and he assured slasher magirk that the United States has information exchange agreements with 50 countries, and there is cooperation with the Interpol international police information and tracking persons, makghirAs the situation in Libya has changed now that there is a "United Government and its troops faced ISIS and if he asked the Libyans to help, we're ready for that."

and the popular crowd participation at the battle of Fallujah said slasher magirk that Washington was following with interest the question of the participation of the popular crowd in the battle of Fallujah, noting that experience in Tikrit was a test, could be built upon, "adding," there are units of the crowd we said they must operate under the command of the Iraqi army.And not to enter Fallujah, "slasher magirk to many of the popular crowd and disciplined units work according to orders of the Iraqi forces," adding that Iraqi forces "are to enter Fallujah and units that operate under its command." said slasher magirk: "some excesses may occur but is important for us to be abusers accountable," adding that "the fundamental task for us is to liberate Fallujah from the grip of ISIS, and that civilians are kidnapped by regulation."