Kurdistan Democratic: don't dispute any corrective changes and sacking bank managers make normal

2016/6/11 13:20

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

count the Kurdistan Democratic Union lawmaker Jamal Cougar, Saturday, sacking of bank managers before the Prime Minister Haider Abadi "normal procedure we do not oppose it."

The stated {Euphrates news} today, "sack bank managers normal procedure to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, we do not oppose and oppose any changes that serve the reform process and serve the economic side."

"So that this measure of validity Abadi, doesn't mean compromising with dignified Minister of Ministry but is neutral in all Governments".

"We support the reform, we demand and on the Prime Minister to undertake these actions in all ministries, and there shouldn't be considerate to the people at the expense of the public interest or the people."

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi issued last Tuesday, was appointed new directors to six banks, with byes Iraqi National Intelligence Chief and head of the Iraqi media network transmitted Jabbar carp for retirement.

Finance Minister Zebari objected to order clearance issued by the Prime Minister Haider Abadi sack and set the number of bank managers came in a document addressed to the Finance Minister Zebari to Prime Minister Haider Abadi and included among other objections and observations about the divani command what is legal defects and poking and substantive and administrative according to the document.

For his part, Haidar Abadi Prime Office responded, according to the book by financial Minister Hoshyar Zebari about the exemption and set a number of bank managers "who were assigned to banks now their banker at least thirteen years, biographies, careers, supporting their nomination process".