Tracker called Abadi detection rates of completion of projects funded in 2016

2016-06-11 at 11:45

Special the balance of news

Monitor support organization called integrity Saturday, Prime Minister Haider Abadi reported on completion rates all projects funded under the federal budget for 2016.

He said the Royal head Abdul Razak/scales news that "a culture of integrity and the fight against corruption in all its forms and entrench the principle of transparency, have demanded the Prime Minister through the General Secretariat of the Council, a report on the actual achievement rates for all projects financed by the 2016 budget."

Royal said that the report should include detailed information on contractors, and corporate statement and amounts allocated to those projects and periodically, to reduce suspicions and corrupt deals she decayeded the Iraqi budget years.

Royal stressed that "inform the public about what those projects and actors, or contractors, the extent of its eligibility for the Iraqi public, proof of transparency and reform that invites her audiences.

Iraq suffers from major corruption cases in most of the projects included in the public budgets since 2003 and to this day no one knows audiences which made this scaly on Iraq and his billion-dollar amounts of public money