Reformist Deputy report experts on impeachment session said "non-neutral"

2016/06/09 21:13


Counting the reform front mp Mohammed Iraq, on Thursday, the report of the Committee of experts on impeachment session speaker Selim Jabouri "non-neutral", noting that the Federal Court will develop itself if people adopt the report.

He said Iraq told the (range), "report of the Committee of experts assigned by the Federal Court on the impeachment session speaker Selim Jabouri, not neutral and subjective and politicized", stating that "If the adoption of the report of the Committee of experts, the Court put itself in the face of the Iraqi people and it will stand against the demonstrators want reforms."

Authorities said that "it is not possible to tolerate and accept the sharecropping system and must correct the wrong paths," pointing out that "the Federal Court at a crossroads either refer to sharecropping system. atrocious or slide towards reforms."

According to the report of the Committee of experts, the number of impeachment hearing quorum Presidency on 14/4/2016 reached a total of 129 deputies in voting to dismiss the speaker Selim Jabouri 121 placeholder only and 8 abstained.

The experts stressed in their report that "checking lists of signatures that are attached to the case file proved especially quorum and not vote," terrible "to match the House faces with photos she had identical".

On the 19th April session there were audience 126 deputies Committee was unable to calculate the number of votes for the Presidency.

Prime selection session, held under the chairmanship of Jabouri, the Committee considered that it was held in the presence of 173 seats, and the Presidency, and one decision, while attendance at the second objection (Constitutional) deputies reached 175 deputies attend in addition to the interim presidency and one decision.