Kasbrom oil field production Pedra to 64 thousand barrels

2016/06/09 20:39


Gazprom Neft oil company the Russian kasbrom, Thursday, entered three new wells in Wasit governorate badra field (180 km southeast of the capital), leading to double its production to 64, 000 barrels, demonstrating its determination to drill a fourth and entered production next August.

The company said in a statement today, kept after him (long press), "three were drilled new wells in oil field Pedra in Wasit Governorate, amounting to three billion barrels of reserves, and entered into production", noting that "added 24 thousand barrels a day of production field that now reached 64 million barrels.

Kasbrom said, "the total number of oil wells in the field badra, arrived all nine entered the actual production total of 64 thousand barrels", stating that they "are going to dig new fourth field Pedra will enter production by August next".

The Iraqi Government has signed in, (24 September 2009), field development contract badra with Russian Brougham gas company Coalition, representing the second invests field Pedra field in Wasit governorate after the ahdab oil development direct by the China National Petroleum Corporation.