Australian military mission and the New Zealand is preparing to train about 7 thousand Iraqi soldiers

2016/6/9 15:20

[Oan- follow-up]

Commander Joint Forces New Zealand, Major General Tim Gal announced on Thursday that his country's troops will be in conjunction with the Australian troops to train about seven thousand Iraqi soldiers for the war against al Daash.

Gal said in a press statement that "the joint mission at Camp Taji, north of Baghdad helped Iraqi security forces in the construction of the combat power necessary for the continuation of operations against Daash."

"They have trained Iraqis at the beginning of this year and succeeded in combat operations against Daash in Ramadi."

The trainees exercise collective fighting and training in urban warfare, as well as fire-fighting and maintaining discipline approach during the fighting.

As many as 100 people were members of the New Zealand Defence Force and 300 soldiers from the Australian Defence Force in the joint mission to build capacity at Camp Taji.