Eliminating postpone deciding darts Minister until the resolution of the House of Rep
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Thread: Eliminating postpone deciding darts Minister until the resolution of the House of Rep

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    Eliminating postpone deciding darts Minister until the resolution of the House of Rep

    Eliminating postpone deciding darts Minister until the resolution of the House of Representatives crisis

    8/6/2016 21:01

    BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

    Challenged "reform front", on Wednesday, the report of the Committee of Experts submitted to the Federal Court on the legality of the two sessions of Parliament meetings, on 14 and April 26.

    Furthermore, the Federal Court postponed consideration of darts made by a number of the sacked ministers until after the resolution of a lawsuit Parliament.

    This coincided with the return of Kurds minister to Baghdad and their participation in the recent Cabinet meeting, for the first time after the incident to storm parliament late last April.

    The Federal Court decided, yesterday, to choose five new experts, 48 ​​hours after the leak of a copy of the three former staff report. As it adjourned the hearing to Monday of next week.

    Leaked report, seen by the (range), was signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Information at the University of Baghdad D.hashim Hassan al-Tamimi, and his assistant d. Ammar al-Tahir, the Director of Media Baghdad University d. Just Ghurairy, who are experts seconded to the Federal Court to consider recordings parliamentary sessions.

    Experts "unfair" report!

    But Alloizi MP Abdul Rahman, a member of the reform front, considered that "the leak before the date of the hearing was deliberate to influence the court and public opinion."

    The Alloizi, (range) yesterday that the "leaked report is the same as the version offered yesterday to the Federal Court", describing the report as "biased."
    The MP said the "experts intervened in issues that are not within their assigned tasks while neglecting other important aspects."

    According to the Committee of Experts report, "the number of quorum in the dismissal of the Presidency in the 14/4 meeting was 129 MPs, while the number of voters amounted to dismiss parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, only 121 deputies, declined 8 MPs from voting."

    Experts stressed in their report that "the audit lists of signatures attached to the case file turned out to be a private and not a quorum to vote," arguing that "matching the faces of the House of Representatives with the photographs made it clear they are identical." Regarding the April 19 meeting attendance of 126 deputies stood Committee did not able to calculate the number of voters on the interim presidency.

    The meeting of the selection of ministers, which was held under the chairmanship of al-Jubouri, the Committee saw it, "he was held in the presence of 173 deputies, and 3 of the Presidency, and a single decision, while attendance in the second chamber (constitutional) after intercepting the House of Representatives reached attendance of 175 deputies in addition to four of the Presidency and decision."

    He says Alloizi who attended the recent hearing by the Federal Court, the "front Reform challenged the report of the experts also chose two experts out of five will be assigned by the court for the same purpose."

    The court decided to choose Adil al-Lami, the former head of the election commission, with each of the parties to a lawsuit chose two experts.

    He continued by saying that the reform front, "we have learned the lesson from the past, we will decide to experts specific questions to answer, because the former experts neglected a number of questions and the details contained in the tablets we presented to the Court."

    Alloizi experts also criticized the report, saying its inability to determine the number of voters in the April 26 hearing, that the front challenging as valid, while they were able to determine the number of attendees only.

    According to the report, the Committee of Experts, could not determine the number of voters to the speed photography and not sit in the House of Representatives allocated their places, but they confirmed the match Photo deputies present with photographs.

    In the 26th Parliament held two sessions, the first in a regular room, and then moved to the Great Hall after the outbreak of altercations between the House and the Prime Minister. Alloizi says that "the difference between the sessions was 3 hours," and wondered "how Parliament kept on the number of attendees?".

    And continuing member of the Front, reform his questions "how the number of MPs increased in the second room, and some lawmakers, who belonged to the then President of the Parliament team, they could not enter the hall after the closure, Kalnaibh chest Magda Tamimi."

    The expert panel said that "the interim president Adnan al-Janabi voted to temporarily elected in two sessions of 16 April 19 in a manner of manual voting," he noted that "some members have signed the lists before the day of the meeting, such as Khalaf Abdul Samad, and Niyazi Oglu, and Ferdous al-Awadi, who signed on April 12, with some of the signatures were bold, the others Light gives written off the possibility of color. "

    The return of Kurds Minister
    In another context, it enables the Council of Ministers, after four consecutive sessions of achieving a quorum. And attended Tuesday's session, the Kurds Minister after the return of three deputies Kurdistan blocks last month to Baghdad.

    He says Amin Bakr, a member of the Kurdish bloc change, "The ministers attending the Kurds trapped in solidarity with the Kurdish deputies who have been humiliated and beaten in an incident Aguetahm parliament."

    And it came back after a cabinet meeting of the heads of the Kurdish blocs with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi late last month.

    He said Baker, in an interview with the (range) yesterday, saying "the meeting was to talk about non-recurrence of what happened to the deputies, and the necessity of the participation of Kurds in the decision-making within the Council of Ministers."

    But the masses of Kurdistan does not seem to agree with the return of ministers to Baghdad, he says MP Muthana Amin, head of the Islamic Union bloc, "we did not agree on the return of ministers, we wanted to change all the ministers in the government."

    He denies Amin, told the (range), knowing what took place in the meeting of heads of Kurdish blocs with Prime Minister al-Abadi, and whether they got him on the new safeguards.

    Kurdish lawmaker says, "We advised deputies Kurdish leaders not to accept the return of ministers unconditionally guarantee the actual participation in the government."

    And it was attended by about 40 Kurdish deputies, out of 60, before the last session of the second legislative term, as were a number of dignitaries have visited the Kurdistan region, the most prominent of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.

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