Requiring officials to disclose their financial interests annually via the website

9/6/2016 0:00

Baghdad , Alaa al - Taie
revealed President of the Economic Minister 's Advisor appearance of Mohammed Saleh that the government is serious steps in order to activate the law «Where did you get this» in coordination with the Integrity Commission, pointing out that this step comes as part of its campaign to fight corruption and the disclosure of receivables senior financial officials, and in while explained that the government would be required officials to submit annual statements on your website site body integrity, retarded them warned of legal accountability.

Saleh pointed out in an interview for »morning», that « the government measures in coordination with the Commission on Public integrity have been taken in order to activate the law« where you this »within the anti - corruption campaign and packages reforms announced by the prime minister in advance», adding that « the annual financial statements of senior officials will be published on the website».

he said the economic advisor to the prime minister, that «if we found sleep to the wealth of one of the officials of the money or property not included in the annual statements its own is not in keeping with its revenues declared , it will be subject to legal and judicial accountability », indicating that« this measure is intended to ensure the transparency of the biography of state officials and taxpayers to assume high - level positions and not to use the powers to enrich the expense of public funds or abuse of office for personal interests », adding that «filling disclosure of financial receivables , which offers to integrity in place years ago forms system includes senior civil servants is that he will take new measures include the deployment of those forms on the website of the integrity Commission site in order to activate the law« Where did you get this ».

mentions the government launched a program to combat corruption within the reform process of comprehensive aims to make economic and political reforms and the fight against corruption to ensure the implementation of a comprehensive government program.

imposes the integrity Law in force on the senior civilian officials from the country 's president until the degree of director general of the security forces from the Minister until the rank of lieutenant colonel disclosed their financial interests to make sure of the legality of the growing wealth and possessions , and their wives and children in the maintenance after the ascension of high office in the state in line with the declared incomes.