Ethel Nujaifi flirts organize Daash

08/05/2016 1 visit

Asad Abdullah on of the biggest misfortunes of the country, the presence of a political class is not ashamed to show her adultery, it works against the aspirations of the nation, they are lackey out, until the goal of dark forces in breaking up Iraq, these prostitutes were great room, in front of the Iraqi dream wheel, and attitudes of the Salvation war of aldwaash Blatant immorality, he exerted considerable weight politicians, joint entities and the political process.

These sunken Cherie prostituted Ethel comes with Iraq, which triggered sectarian remarks surprising and harmonious speech with Baath party literature.

In an interview with the British newspaper "the Telegraph" with Ethel trimming, stating explicitly, opinions in favour of ISIS, terrorist, where he said: (the connection that most prefer to stay under the rule of the Islamic State, instead of freeing them by Shiite army, for the people of Mosul fear repeating the Tikrit scenario), and added some chutzpah: (to Mosul, witnessing a recovery under the rule of the Islamic State)!

The latter was added we explain it's Ethel: (some of the ISIS right)! It expressed its agreement with the behavior of ISIS where he said: (it calls for continuation of those changes created by ISIS, no retreat).

See what prompted Mr Ethel to authorize these controversial statements, disassemble case gives us answers to a puzzle

first opinion: Ethel: Ethel Iraq tries to establish a place for itself in future connector, connector by Western vision, where there's a Western scheme to be formally release the connector, so that the Salvation through the disappearance of Saba, and named disappears completely and the characters remain, so must Ethel to document his relationship baldwaash , To have a special place in the future, it was his dialogue with British newspaper is in this section.

Second opinion: Ethel's remarks last into the axis of the media war against Iraq in Fallujah, and victories against the popular crowd, specifically, is one ugly dolls, which moves once you move faster, infidelity leads published his venom across the British newspaper, his comments have wide resonance of disapproval and rejection of the remarks, went too far in courting aldwaash.

Third opinion: say Ethel newspaper that city Mosul rebound under the rule of aldwaash! In the strangest authorization of Iraqi politician, but is trying to puff aldwaash in Western media, the West understands that ISIS was founded in Mosul a sophisticated system of governance, "Ethel alghbz" certificate directory, with the hero of Ethel was founded to release the connector's strength of ISIS, you see contradictions called Ethel, which lead us to understand the size of the plot, which ceased to be a revoked Ethel himself.

Fourth Opinion: Ethel's remarks show the relationship between political and some components hidden gangs of ISIS, where organizations and terrorist cells expand publicly in Mosul, since 2003 and was continued with the leadership of one Ethel, where he and political entity dealing with terrorists as an important ally, because of the large gains that accrue from entity and political fall into the arms of criminal gangs, under strong controls geography do not want good for Iraq And that's what Donny formerly Ethel, and cares about the Vortex and the shortest quest to extend its gains.

Fifth opinion: the role played by British newspaper in moving statements, role of Sly, "Ethel" public support is lldwaash, meaning that the Western system entered on line media war against the popular crowd, and was preceded by the London newspaper, in their reports to challenge the popular crowd, which an orderly and sequential and systematic roles, and Ethel are just puppets manipulated by Western media system.

Sixth opinion: natural issue, because of the natural prolongation of lathil, it is the political wing of military organization, the ideas of the Baath party loyalty to Saddam and agreed (aldwaash and Ethel and his ilk) in the war against the Shia Iraq, make the chime attitudes because they must pour in pot one, namely, the continued chaos in Iraq, to return power to the remnants of the former regime and extremists.

Now, the Government has to be stronger in response times Ethel, after publicly courting Iraqi information displayed is flag, that leaves the laziness and backwardness, and seeks to professionalism, lest the issue back home, and suspected it on fools.

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