Granting insurance cover under the terms of committees

9/6/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning ,

said an expert insurance issues Saadoun problem, that the granting of compensation to the insured them against fire dangers are after studying the cause of the fire incidents in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of the Interior «Civil Defense» also be compensated after the appearance of the results of investigations relating to those incidents.

He said the problem in an interview » Sabah », insurance against the dangers of fires Aaakhlu cases of fabricating the incidents, as well as insurance companies provide this insurance terms cover limit the dangers of fire as pallets to prevent smoking and method of storage guidance away from electric wires.

He said the insurance companies issue insurance documents against fire for being serving economy the country first and qualify those affected by the burning of their assets in the shops and markets return to normal trade their situation to what it was before the accident.

he warned the problem of the existence of cases of manipulation or fraud by the insured by deliberately fabricating fire tamper - wire electricity own with shops or stores insured and shooting incident as a result of an electrical fault and force insurance companies to pay compensation to them what is causing economic damage on both sides, adding that the compensation paid by relying on Maasdrh final report of the civil defense and police.

the expert pointed out that the forensic evidence reports studying with relevant experts in the fire portfolio of the insurance company to issue a decision or judgment in awarding compensation, noting the importance of the role of the insurance company employee in granting the insured insurance cover after studying the store or site store to be insured and the proximity to the arrival of fire trucks and method of display or storage and determine the safety conditions before granting insurance cover against fire.