Iraqi private banks association congratulates the economy , the Bank of Ostosmarbaudth for the exercise of his work, after the central Aqraralpennek raise him guardianship

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It congratulated the Iraqi private banks association on Wednesday Economy Bank for Investment, management and associates, his return to practice all the banking activities, against the backdrop of the central Iraqi Aqraralpennek lifting the guardianship him, and who came to the bank in Athernjah Anjazaamlah required rehabilitation.

The association said in a statement at the time Naburan appreciation and Ttmenena Highs Central Aqraralpennek Iraqi lifting of guardianship for the economy Investment Bank, which comes in the context of the continued support for private banks, big role in supporting the national economy, it hopes that this Alaqrarhafsa of the Bank of the economy and the rest of the private banks on Ttaiwiramkanadtha, improve resources, and enhance their role in nation-building, and to provide advanced banking service, Tazizthagh everyone now and in the future.

We also hope that allows the Central Bank of the economy Aqraralpennek to exercise all its activities usual, similar to other banks operating in Iraq.

The CBI Orteuraam 2014 imposing guardianship on the economy, the Bank, and supervising Alambeshraly his administration during the last period.
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