COI thwart theft and waste of more than 27 billion dinars, Rafidain Bank and the Ministry of Education

08-06-2016 | 4:15:01

Twilight News / Integrity Commission revealed on Wednesday for the resumption of the foil theft and prevent damage to a total of more than 27 billion dollars of public funds, pointing out that it has carried out several actions managed through which prevent the waste of money that would have acted in a roundabout way, and contrary to the law....

Investigations Department has confirmed in a statement responded to the Twilight News, foiled an attempt to steal $ 19 billion dinars from the Rafidain / branch bank funds the president by manipulating the clearing of electronic system, pointing out that the convicted is one of the Rafidain Bank customers, "edited instrument into account a benefit of $ 19 billion withdrawn dinars on the branch president of the bank account, indicating that the latter has a review of private banks; for the purpose of disbursement was made through the electronic clearing, where it was found that the whole process was an attempt to steal bank funds, where they were immediately stopped Exchange amount "

In the same context, the Commission was able in cooperation with the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Education of the retrieval of more than six billion and two hundred million dinars employees breeding spend Sharqat department salaries in Salahuddin province to the state treasury after disbursed contrary to the rules and regulations, a telltale that the amount allocated for the salaries to the employees of the Education Department Sharqat spend in Salahuddin province, who were under the control of an entity Daash terrorist, exchange incorrectly and contrary to the recommendations reported to the breeding Salahuddin Directorate, which stipulates the need to keep salaries in trust, and saved its adherents until they came out of the areas under the control of that entity terrorist. "

As he pointed out "that the amount has been transferred through a banking offices Kirkuk province, who declined to refund the Authority after placing her hand on the topic priorities and rapid moves toward restored to the treasury of the state, citing the non-availability of cash has."

Body and it drew to take, "among other measures; anxious not to escape his banking office or an emergency could lead to the loss of the amount or preclude his return to the state treasury, initiating and coordination with the Court to achieve fairness in Baghdad to issue injunctions preventing travel and book movable and transmitted to his banking office, "asserting that" the actions taken in coordination with the competent judicial and law enforcement and the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Education led to acquiescence His banking office and deposited the amount in the General Directorate of Kirkuk Education account that saves in trust and are reversed to calculate the breeding Salahuddin Directorate in Samarra under a certified check, "... while I got the official notification by the Directorate-General for Education Salahuddin known to deposit the amount recovered in the Directorate in Samarra account."

The Commission also disclosed for the issuance of a prison sentence of fifteen years against the former Secretary Fund of the Department of Registration of companies in the Ministry of Commerce; for it commits the crime of embezzlement, pointing out that the competent integrity issues, the Criminal Court sentenced the convicted, who served as Secretary of the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Commerce Fund; for embezzling more than one hundred and eighty million by manipulating Bossullac arrested.

It also revealed that enables Mlakatha investigative and audit to stop a deal to sell (200,000) tons of cement material between the "General Company for Southern Cement" and a private company; for causing the waste of public money, saying that their actions represented by Basthsalha judicial decision to stop holding the sale between the two companies governmental and private; there are suspicions of corruption in and caused the waste of public money and its investigation in the case, all of this led to reaching that deal, which includes the second party processing (National Company) with a total of (200,000) tons of cement material by (50,000) tons per month and the price (81,000 ) dinars per ton manner payment on credit through a letter of guarantee from Ahli Bank is sober can occur wasted public money, estimated at more than two billion dinars.