Baghdad Secretariat: The transmission of a number of officials to investigate municipal centers

2016/6/8 15:47


Amina referred Baghdad [agency] anniversary Alloush number of municipal officials, the investigation centers on "the acquiescence of the structural irregularities that took place within the breakers of their responsibilities."

According to a statement of the Secretariat of the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday Alloush "forwarded through a field tour her within cutters municipalities of Karrada and Adhamiya, a number of officials of the municipal centers on the investigation because of the acquiescence of the abuses and irregularities structural developments within the breakers of their responsibilities."

He said the Alloush "and directed the legal department to form an investigative committee to take legal action against a number of officials and bring them to justice."

The statement added that "honest Baghdad also directed the municipalities of Karrada and Adhamiya, in coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command, removing the structural excesses that get pieces of land belonging to the state and to intensify surveillance of municipal and follow-up efforts to stop all violations of building and take legal action against violators."