Leaked report of the Expert Committee challenged the dismissal of quorum presidency of the parliament session


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Stabbing leaked report of the committee of experts assigned to examine appeals blocs sessions of Parliament, the dismissal of a quorum of the Presidency of the Parliament, which was held on 14 April last session, the session elected temporary president in 19 of the same month. So that the meeting chaired by Salim al-Jubouri, held on April 29, was a full quorum.

The leaked version of the experts' report two days after the deadline set by the Federal Court to consider darts provided by the "Reform Front" sessions in parliament last April before.

And the voice of the House of Representatives, in the 14th of April, during a session held sitters House of Representatives headed by MP Adnan al-Janabi and was attended by 171 deputies, unanimously approved the dismissal of the Presidium of the parliament and the selection of al-Janabi, as interim president instead of Saleem al-Jubouri.

Not sure (range) of the health component of the nine pages, which bears the signature of the Dean of the Faculty of Information at the University of Baghdad D.hashim Hassan al-Tamimi, and his deputy, Dr. report. Ammar al-Tahir, the Director of Media Baghdad University d. Just Ghurairy, who are experts seconded to the Federal Court to consider recordings parliamentary sessions.

The members of the Committee of Experts performed, the end of last May, was sworn in before he handed over the Federal Court files Paljlstin, and given them six days to submit their final report.

The report, which looked (range), a copy of it yesterday, "The committee has hired the capabilities available in the studios and laboratories Faculty of Information, University of Baghdad and used modern technologies in the field of computer, as well as special TV programs monitoring and analysis to verify Webfilm and not to manipulate the substance through montage operations. "

The report said "the Commission resorted to multiple technically-media programs for the purpose of technical and objective analysis of the two sessions of the House of Representatives a matter of the suit and the rest of the CDs."

And adopted the Committee of Experts, according to the leaked copy of the report, on the basic foundations of a "section to Article footage and another clip in slow motion, and the fragmentation of passage by private and converted separate and sequential images as well as the withdrawal of the images on A3 paper."

The experts emphasized that they have conducted a visit to the House of Representatives to consider the ranges of cameras and imaging with an imaging Default session, where Almansoah sure that the cameras cover all corners of the room and the perception of all deputies present with good accuracy.

The Commission has, according to the report, the House of Representatives of a file containing a photograph of the 328 members of parliament, adopted for the purposes of matching and comparison.

The Committee concluded, according to its report that "the number of quorum in the sacking of the Presidency meeting was 14/4 129 deputies, according to the disk while the number of voters amounted to dismiss parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, only 121 deputies, declined 8 MPs from voting."

The report pointed out that the number of voters to dismiss the First Deputy Hamoudi totaled 120 deputies and nine deputies abstained from voting.

While the number of voters amounted to dismiss the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed 123 deputies abstained and six deputies. Experts stressed in their report that "the audit lists of signatures attached to the case file turned out to be a private and not a quorum to vote," arguing that "matching the faces of the House of Representatives with the photographs made it clear they are identical."

Regarding the April 19 meeting attendance of 126 deputies stood Committee did not able to calculate the number of voters on the presidential Almagueth.vi referring to a special meeting called by President Fuad Masum, to re-float the vote on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.

The experts' report pointed out that in all the above-mentioned meetings are not achieved sufficient quorum to hold the meetings, which is half of the members plus one Al328.

The selection of Cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of al-Jubouri, the Committee saw it, "was held in the presence of 173 deputies 169 deputies, and 3 of the Presidency, and a single decision, after intercepting the protesters Representatives and turning the meeting into a constitutional hall attendance reached 175 deputies in addition to four of the Presidency and decision."

The Committee can not, according to her testimony in the report submitted to the courts, to determine the number of voters to the speed photography and not sit in the House of Representatives allocated their places, but they confirmed that enable them to match the images with the deputies present photographs.

According to the report, the committee, "I noticed that the door to the Constitutional Hall was closed .. and the Prime Minister, who attended the meeting of cabinet to display the cabin did not force the amendment."

The expert panel said that "the interim president Adnan al-Janabi voted to temporarily elected in two sessions of 16 April 19 in a manner of manual voting," as I pointed out that "some members signed the rolls the day before the meeting, they like Khalaf Abdul Samad, and Niazi Ooglua, and Ferdous al-Awadi, who signed on April 12, with some of the signatures it was bold, the others Light gives written off the possibility of color. "