BREAKING NEWS Jumaily announces Preparatory Meeting failure in setting date for the National Meeting
04/04/2012 19:33:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Leader of Iraqiya slate’s Parliamentary bloc, Salman al- Jumaily, announced that the meeting of the Preparatory Committee held on Wednesday afternoon, Apr. 4, has failed in an agenda and setting a date for the National Meeting and.

In a statement to NINA, Jumaily said, “Failure of the Preparatory Committee of the National Meeting was because the National Alliance’s insistence on refusing to fulfill previous agreements and Iraqiya’s insistence on implementing all previous agreements.”

He added, “Today’s Preparatory Committee’s meeting ended without reaching an agreement on its next meeting.”

The Preparatory Committee held a meeting on Wednesday afternoon in failure of its Tuesday evening meeting held at the residence of Vice President Khudayyer al-Khuza’e to prepare for the National Meeting due to be held on Thursday on President Jalal Talabani’s call, but the meeting ended without setting a date for a next meeting. / End.