Labour and the World Bank are discussing inclusion in the poorest areas mechanism

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Labour and the World Bank are discussing inclusion in the poorest areas mechanism

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs held a meeting with the World Bank board in the presence of Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour honest we hinted, the meeting discussed the inclusion in the poorest areas mechanism and took the provinces of Muthanna and Diwaniya as a measure of the poorest regions.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem said the meeting touched on the field survey work mechanism and provide logistical requirements for the completion of the scanning process, also touched on the work of the High Commissions in Baghdad and the provinces and work to unite the guiding concepts and administrative formulas for all judges.

He added that the conferees Menem prepared the draft instructions for the work of judges and heads of committees in all districts and the order of precedence, noting that the meeting also discussed the reality of workflow regarding the updated data of beneficiaries of social assistance.

For his part, Director General of the Department of protection and social Zidane behind a detailed explanation on field work carried out by the cadres of the department of social researchers or personnel responsible for the installation of data, stressing that field surveys carried out in full swing to install poor families data submitted via the Internet.

He explained that his department has instructed its branches in the provinces to intensify field survey targeting especially in remote areas that are difficult to review the branches of the department for various reasons poor families.

For his part, he praised the president of the World Bank delegation Ghassan Khoja great work and flour being done by the ministry and its departments to provide assistance to poor families for the purpose of family immunization and break out of poverty, expressing the continuation of the World Bank in Iraq's participation in this humanitarian issue and reduce the poverty rate in the country.

The Labour Minister Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese ministries appealed to international organizations to provide support and backing to the ministry in order to carry out social research due to lack of resources and the possibilities of the ministry and also the large size of the service required of them presented and very large segments of the society.