Member of the parliamentary integrity calls for the "withdrawal of hand" and a travel ban on officials were relieved today

2016-06-07 18:01:10 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Student of the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Adel Nouri, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to "pull the hand" and a travel ban on officials were relieved of their posts today, as warned of "impunity."

Nouri said: "We welcome the exemptions obtained today by the Prime Minister in the banking and intelligence and media sector," calling at the same time to "change the title of the exemption to the withdrawal of the hand and the distribution of their names on the airports and border crossings to prevent them from traveling, because the exemption could enable them to go to other countries and thus impunity. "

Nouri stressed the need " to refer those responsible to justice and to complete depositions procedures and accountability , " stressing that " the Commission will follow the matter and please that these campaigns continue to be the last episode, but followed by exemptions for all corrupt officials do not."

An official source revealed Tuesday, the exemption of intelligence and general manager of the commercial bank and head of the Iraqi Media Network Manager, as well as banks , Rafidain and Rasheed , and real estate, industrial and agricultural managers from their posts.

The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, in the (June 6, 2016), to proceed to fight corruption and make a "comprehensive reforms" in state institutions, as pointed out , "we will spare no effort to achieve what he wishes all our people."