Kharbit: Reform Front deviated
Posted by: admin2 7 June, 2016 Policy Add comment

BAGHDAD / SNG- revealed independent MP demanded Kharbit, Tuesday, for the withdrawal of about 10 deputies from the reform front, while noting that the front turned into 3 sections.

Kharbit said that "about 10 MPs walked out of the front of reform, including the MP for the Salah al-Din al-Jubouri and Ashwaq MP Abdel Azim Healing and MP Badr stallion," attributing the decision to pull out that "the goal has become the front is not our goal."

He Kharbit "The other reason is that we are awaiting the decision of the Federal Court, but we should not disrupt the parliament," he said, adding that "the reform front in three sections, the first section really wants reform. And the second had a personal reprisals with Saleem al-Jubouri and the Presidium of the parliament, and the last section is working in favor of the political blocs. "