Near the distribution in 1360 a piece of residential land in Karbala

7/6/2016 0:00

Karbala gesture

Karbala Provincial Council revealed a project to distribute in 1360 a piece of land between the residential community slides covered with distinct allocation of land to the families of the martyrs of the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd. This comes at a time where he unveiled a plan to improve services in the province waiting for the allocation of funds have a service to the citizens.

Vice President of the Karbala Provincial Council Ali al-Maliki, said in a statement »Sabah» pursuit of local government to the inclusion of all segments of society to distribute residential plots of land, especially the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd, because they have sacrificed their blood to defend the homeland.

He pointed to the existence of a project to distribute in 1360 a plot of land in the free hand, of which 250 pieces to the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd after exclusion of controls and regulations while also bringing them up from the floor and low cost, as well as 100 pieces of land will be distributed among the families of the martyrs of terrorist operations, while the rest were distributed among the segments of society, including the staff slice.

Maliki, select the priorities of the province projects during the current period, most notably involved in the provision of services for visitors and it needs to allocate 300 billion dinars for the implementation of Mjsrat and methods Yearbook and paved, as well as the need to monitor the amount of 100 billion dinars for the implementation of berms, ambushes and set up cameras and explosives detectors projects, along with the allocation of 300 billion dinars to the health sector in order to complete the creation of new health centers and the draft Turkish hospital Indian hospital with a capacity of 400 beds with the exchange 300 billion dinars for the educational sector for the implementation of 250 schools, in addition to monitoring 200 billion dinars for the advancement side of the service through the implementation of sewage projects in India and the free and Karbala.

On the subject of increasing local imports, al-Maliki pointed to the decision of the provincial council decision to apply the levy law of large loads of sand and other mineral materials in order to benefit from the money earned at the completion of a road named dates and provide humanitarian aid to the citizens, including the sick and the wounded security forces and visits the millions, as well as giving some salaries move in circles state that laid off employees because of the financial crisis, whose numbers reached more than one thousand employees in the electricity, sewage and municipal departments.

Vice President of the Council, attributed the stop and delay a set of projects to the inability of governments LAN's previous two of disbursement is estimated at 200 billion dinars to complete them and return them to the Ministry of Finance and not utilize them and thus completed between 20 to 40 percent in the projects of up to 400 project proportions persists, as well as the failure to approve the 2014 budget year and then the financial crisis.

Maliki said the exchange of 30 billion dinars to the province of Karbala, which do not cover the needs of the province, which was up allocations to more than 600 billion dinars, and thus live to maintain a severe financial crisis.

Maliki pointed to the need to increase community awareness of the many ways the most prominent citizen support for the institutions of the state, especially during the current period in the provision of services, praising at the same time the role of the Iraqi Media Network in all its institutions, including the newspaper «morning» to launch a targeted national campaigns, including the campaign of energy conservation, which will contribute to consumption to help shore up the electricity departments to continue the implementation of campaigns to stop the abuse on the electrical grid and the sustainability of the power supply.