Baghdad market and the provinces teeming with people purchasing groceries in the middle of the stability in prices

7/6/2016 0:00

Jinan al-Asadi Baghdad Nasiriyah - Hazem Mohammed Al Kut - Shahid Hasan
With the holy month of Ramadan, filled with popular markets and stores that sell food in Baghdad and the provinces with people purchasing groceries to buy what they need for a table of Ramadan, as citizens flocked heavily on the markets are willing to provide for their needs of food during the holy month, especially in the (beautiful Alwa) within Sadr City. This comes at a time when the relevant departments have taken measures to maintain prices and prevent the exploitation of citizens by the weak people.

Shopping month of Ramadan

She said the need for, or on behalf after the completion of the purchase of what you need from food items from markets (beautiful Alwa) statement »Sabah»: The Ramadan special flavor it brings the family at one table, along with the participation of most of the family members in the preparation of various kinds of food, indicating it has prepared a list for the purchase of the necessary beans and canned meat as well as cheeses, noting that the high temperatures and fasting, Haddaha to buy large quantities than you need him instead of going out every day.

She said she is going to the market for the convenience of prices, especially as the goods are sold at wholesale prices, saying that prices have not seen any rise in the opposite of what was expected by some traders from weak people who are always taking advantage of the needs of citizens of various kinds, to raise prices.

As noted Almtda Haider Sarhan said this is the second time that comes to the market to complete what you need his family from food items, stressing his commitment to provide everything you need from the white and red meat as well as legumes, code lentils and livestock, rice, chickpeas, what Igainh for exit of the market in times of fasting, pointing out that he returns for years to go to the beautiful Alwa market stressing that where all the necessary table of Ramadan and at a wholesale price to find what it takes to save money, especially if shopping for the month of Ramadan is usually an additional economic burden on the shoulders of the Iraqi family.

Good market movement

For his part, Kazim Jasim one shop owners, market movement during the month of Ramadan for the current year b »good» and with a turnout quite a bit by the citizens of Etjhezwa food and what they need to prepare breakfast, referring to the keenness of shop owners to provide all that is new and presented to the consumer as types of fresh juices and rice or encourage him by asserting that prices did not rise.
He said the rising prices of some goods return to the feet of some of the shop owners outside Alallop, to raise prices, blaming wholesale shop owners, what drives the citizen to go about wholesale markets to shop.

Committees to monitor prices

The owner of another shop within Alallop, which is often O., said the markets are active each year during the holy month, as it buys the citizen for his family a lot of the needs of the fast of the basic materials for making kinds of soups, raisins, Kamarudin and different kinds of foods, fruits and vegetables that are available at reasonable prices, but he also said: the past years have been witnessing a larger turnout than seen today, attributing this to the economic situation and the financial crisis experienced by the country prompted the majority of the sufficiency all the things necessary.
He attributed the presence of a slight increase at the price of some materials to the heavy demand by the consumer, which is a barrier for low-income families, something that requires the presence of special committees to monitor prices and capping it and take action against manipulators her actions, despite his assertion that most of the material stable food prices .
As he wandered the «morning» in the Shorja market, noted a significant increase in the number of shoppers compared to last in days.
A number of citizens and stressed that prices have seen consistent with the presence of an abundant display, in addition to the improved quality of the materials and the multiplicity of Mnaciha.

Intense campaigns

In Dhi Qar, financial and economic intelligence division in the province carried out extensive campaigns to market surveillance and follow-up in food prices and monopoly during the month of Ramadan.
A source in the division, in a statement »Sabah»: The detachments of the Division of Financial and Economic Intelligence intensive campaigns on the markets and shops to monitor the work during the month of Ramadan began.
He said the campaign resulted in the arrest of three traders after controlling for expired food items in their stores were seizure and confiscation and transfer of indictees to the competent courts.

Import goods

But in Wasit, the local government has brought its call for traders and assistants agents to import goods and foodstuffs Zurbatiyah across the border port and put the markets during the month of Ramadan to put an end to rising prices.
He said the information department in the province by Thamer al-Tai »Sabah» that the local government in Wasit will work to overcome all the obstacles that can stand in front of the mechanism of import.
He said Wasit called on all responsible parties in the port to overcome the obstacles that stand in front of the mechanism of import of goods by conservative traders and prevent them from performing their role in the supply of various goods and goods for the citizens of the province, pointing out that the conservative owner Saidi traders and importers need to import greater quantities of goods and materials student food with an emphasis on the importance of increasing commodity supply during the days of the month of Ramadan in order to stabilize prices.

Overcome difficulties

He said al-Tai said a delegation from the local government visited Eelam Iranian province to discuss overcoming the difficulties facing entering Iranian foodstuffs across Zurbatiyah port, pointing out that there is an agreement was with the Iranian side on the entry of Iranian food into the province of Wasit markets, and the abolition of standard routine at the port to check those materials in order to miss the opportunity to visually souls of traders who take advantage of the ordinary citizen and monopolize goods to mark the holy month of Ramadan.

Data recording

For his part, spokesman for Prime Wasit Saif Salah Mehdi »Sabah» said the council formed a committee to monitor the prices in the local markets and compared to prices prevailing in the wholesale market and to reduce the uniqueness food prices by some traders.
He explained that the committee will raise the daily report to the Secretary of the Board and registration of data that can be identified in which the high and low prices of food and other goods, including clothing that can record up to Eid al-Fitr.