The arrival of western Baghdad Operations forces into the fast lane to the storming of Fallujah three axes

Published in: 10:13, June 7, 2016

BAGHDAD - Security - opinion -
They arrived in western Baghdad operations forces, on Tuesday, to the fast lane, north-east of the city of Fallujah, Anbar province, to take part in the storming of the city to release it from Daash gangs.

Maj. Gen. warship, the "western Baghdad operations forces will take part in the storming of Fallujah process," noting that "the troops arrived today to the highway from the eastern region where the axis will be storming the city and cleared of three southern and northern and eastern hubs".

A spokesman for the Popular Mobilization Forces Ahmed nominal, announced yesterday the start of the final phase of liberalization Fallujah operations.

Asadi said that "liberalization Saqlawiyah and the arrival of the pieces to the north bank of the Euphrates River, led to a cut in full of supplies for Fallujah, besieged Daash within them fully," explaining that "with the progress of the pieces from the point south of Fallujah toward the storming by the army and counter-terrorism, means that the last stage edit Fallujah process has begun, ".anthy