Baghdad sent armored brigade to Mosul , despite the unresolved battle of Fallujah
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Thread: Baghdad sent armored brigade to Mosul , despite the unresolved battle of Fallujah

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    Baghdad sent armored brigade to Mosul , despite the unresolved battle of Fallujah

    Baghdad sent armored brigade to Mosul , despite the unresolved battle of Fallujah



    In Elite Forces continue to make their way into the center of Fallujah, the government sent armored brigade to Mosul operations, which moves slowly three months ago.

    And wait for the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh and the arrival of other troops from the "elite" to the southwest of the conductor, for the Liberation of Sharqat or isolated at the earliest.

    New reinforcements arrived at the south of Mosul, which would confirm the fact that the rumors of a rift between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, with the US side, which insists on the liberation of Mosul and reduces the importance of the Fallujah operation.

    Observers considered that the timing of the process of Fallujah, three weeks ago, represents a "political breathing space" for Ebadi, in an effort to occupy his critics, especially the Sadrists, who his supporters stormed government buildings and parliament amid green zone twice in less than one month.

    The date of the Iraqi dispute - the US in the case of Mosul, to last year, as Washington pushed suddenly - according to observers - towards the appointment of commander of the Liberation of Nineveh, Maj. Gen. Najm Abdullah al-Jubouri, who had qualified in the United States, without the consent of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

    He acknowledged Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, in a televised interview, that he was not responsible for the appointment of al-Jubouri, while the most common time for the existence of differences between the parties.

    Washington announced last March, the arrival of 200 soldiers from the Marines, to Nineveh operations command headquarters in drunk. It was unveiled, after exposure to an attack by al-Qaida Daash and killing and wounding nine members of American power.

    The only "Commander in Chief", in March following the liberation of gray, declaring the start of the process of "open Mosul," a press statement issued by the Joint Special Operations Command. Usually announce Abadi, as commander in chief of the armed forces, the start of military operations, as happened in the liberation of Tikrit and Ramadi, televised across the words.

    And until this moment, Abadi has been no visit to the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh operations in South drunken which opened late last year. And he oversees the prime minister himself to liberate Fallujah operations, and visited the headquarters of the operation in the vine three times.

    Zero hour "Qayyarah"
    And Command announced liberalization of Nineveh, on Sunday, the arrival of the armored brigade of the band ninth to fighting axes within the breakers edit Ninoy.ccant operations of the Ministry of Defense had announced earlier, the same day, with the direction of an armored brigade to the province of Nineveh to participate liberalization processes Mosul Daash grip organization.

    In this context, Olokua Abdul Rahman, a local government representative in Mosul says the Operations Command, said that "the arrival of the armored brigade will help troops to cross the Euphrates River toward Qayyarah."

    He Olokua, in connection with the (range), that "troops have stopped because of the lack of progress in the pieces to complete the task ability."

    The Ninawa Operations Command, has promised residents the end of last year, that the "security operations would be quick and fast has been all precautions and plans needed for that situation."

    But the operations have stumbled toward Qayyarah, in April, after the joint forces, liberation of several villages connected to the tape interval between the Tigris River and located on the other side of the river several Kleomtrut.

    The combined forces refused more progress toward Qayyarah Center, due to the lack of ownership of pieces of armor, as well as lack of access battalions of police in Mosul, which rehearses in the Speicher base to take over the task of keeping the liberated land.

    Local officials in Nineveh and accused the then-interior minister to refrain from implementing the government order issued in this regard. He stressed that the time Olokua chock forces have not reached yet.

    Although it will not announce the zero hour to break into Qayyarah, which is the strategic point for the Liberation of Mosul, but after the arrival of additional forces from the new axes to encircle the southern Sharqat.

    It explains Olokua "elite troops and armored brigade will come from Baghdad-Mosul, where he is expected to attack the Sharqat, before or ringed mostly by".

    Fallujah or Mosul?

    Developments in the province of Nineveh, is still tied to what happens in Fallujah, which disrupted operations for the two days, because of the intensity of the presence of civilians inside the city.

    But the local representative in the Nineveh operations command is likely to "edit Qayyarah process begin and end with Sharqat Fallujah operation," and asserts that "the liberation of all of those areas will be completed in Ramadan."

    A report published by the newspaper "New York Times", the current early June, has said it is possible that the battle to liberate Mosul delayed, in light of the difficult obstacles faced by the Iraqi army, spent and bad processing, on the battlefield there.

    The report added, citing US military leaders, that "without American help, the attack in Mosul, fail often."

    In the same context, MP Hoshyar Abdullah, a member of the Committee on Security and Defence parliamentary, said that "the liberation of Mosul, the process could begin in the last days of Falluja process." Said Abdullah, in an interview with the (range), saying "do not rule out that there will be a military exercise from behind Send armored forces to Mosul. "

    It was likely a member of the security committee that sending armored pieces came "to fill the security gaps that could be used Daash when he loses battles and trying to resort to decode military pressure against attacking other towns."

    On the other hand sees the head of the parliamentary change "The United States is also interested in the liberalization of Fallujah as is the case with the connector."
    In parallel, the forces "Peshmerga" made more than 8 km at the center of "Khazar", east of Mosul, and freed nine villages of the cutter.

    He says Azzoan Daoudi, in connection with the (term) that "liberated villages are 3 and 6 of the kink of Kakaiaan", stressing the importance of Khazar axis to secure areas Bartila Hamdania in the Nineveh Plain.

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