Identification of the Iraqi economy 4.4 Options 6-6
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Thread: Identification of the Iraqi economy 4.4 Options 6-6

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    Identification of the Iraqi economy 4.4 Options 6-6

    Identification of the Iraqi economy 4.4 Options

    7/6/2016 0:00

    Faris Al Salman al - Rubaie * the

    challenges of the Iraqi economy , we have to establish for the selection of two-dimensional theory, the first economic and II Social is based on the balance between market system (supply and demand in the light of competition and profit) and the social welfare system and economic and social development.

    We need to invest your political democracy multiple and effective economic growth with scalable monopoly and brutality profit to achieve a balance in wages and manpower development, and nutshell achieve social development.

    out of preserving the supreme national interest highlights the challenges ahead and we have a good choice because it will determine the future of the coming generations, and those challenges: the choice between acceptance of the conditions of the World Bank and the IMF and the World trade Organization and the Group of eight Fund and Maatertb it be abolished , the role of the economic state and the removal of subsidies for the poor, and between strengthening the role of the state in the central oversight and strategic planning, audit and evaluation calendar. There is no doubt that self - reliance and mobilize energies to meet the budget deficit must be enabled investment and headroom to grow and increase productivity and improve quality.

    The challenge the other is to cancel the role of associations, trade unions and replace it with civil society or we prepare complementary elements in social development and we develop and live up its performance in order to defend interests and respect the interests of others through their participation in the decision - strategic equitable decision for all parties in order to move the process forward production to create the actual development and the achievement of justice social.

    on Iraq , we need a scientific socio - economic political analysis takes into account the national security and meat community and social solidarity and the fight against corruption and approve contract based on a new social development and respect for human rights and respect for the rule of law with the mutual recognition of the particular needs and interests of all groups in society as well as periodic evaluation of this decade. It must also reorganize society using new methods through a clutch of society beyond the frameworks unions system, and weave new relationships based on mutual respect for the rights of parties to the production process and social their frames, and this requires the need to create a new national economic system because the current Alasthek style is acceptable and is not valid sustainability as well as taking into consideration the climate, financial and water challenges that still pose a challenge of human existence.

    Can the UN and its agencies constitute the alternative, as the style of the United Nations to address depends on respect for national decision - making and popular to secure basic needs and ensure human rights, so that the United Nations will provide and its agencies as follows:

    1 - Reset the public dimension of the State.

    2 - Amendments how to calculate national income ( GDP ) .

    3 - to strengthen the state 's role in the oversight of the financial system.

    4 - ensuring the right to live the citizen a basic income.

    5 - providing a source of income for all citizens.

    6 - change election rulers system as well as change the electoral mechanisms.

    7 - the development of the ideology of the tax system.

    8 - re - consideration of the general budget.

    9 - focusing on technical education in order to absorb unemployment and the creation of trained staff.

    10 - facilitate access to sustainable technologies.

    the reality , however, the Iraqi economy is suffering from neglect, there is no infrastructure and business leaders , organizers, how Iraq 's walk in the footsteps of a free market economy and how the product will compete with the Iraqi foreign imported product? That means opening the Iraqi market for goods imported and sentenced to death the national industry, employees and workers of Iraqis and industrialists. The Iraqi private sector, and even the industrial sector , government, non - scientifically and practically able to face the challenges of the free market, so we need to package legislation create the right climate to determine the identity of the Iraqi economy. That the government is carrying the burden of a huge mass of humanity state employees and in turn formed a bureaucratic civilian and military , in turn formed a leaner administrative structure in government institutions. Coinciding with the suffering of Iraq from economic slack highlight the other challenges no less dangerous than the drop in oil prices and the security threat posed by terrorism, since there are food security challenges and pharmacological and water, as well as the problem of maintaining the sustainability of oil exports and provide jobs for tens of thousands of young people entering the market a year of work and adding to the unemployed in advance, and disguised unemployment and the lack of non - oil exports and the growing technology gap between industrialized countries and developing those, not to mention control of major companies on global production and developing markets , which constitute the whole so - called challenges of globalization. The social market economy constitute a solution is essential to the problems of Iraq because it re - chair inverted to normal so that the government be salaried to the people and holding it accountable representatives of the People 's Assembly (parliament), as well as handling social problems that beset the Iraqis and the same time , the government will be a safety valve to protect the consumer's rights defender citizen.

    It is necessary to create climates necessary to ensure economic advancement through:

    1 - activating the supervisory role of the state in supervising the areas of security, economy and society .

    2 - rein in the interests of the parties and factional blocs that have goals conflicting with the social development program.

    3 - application pluralist democracy competitiveness committed to the national interest and the contract social inclusive community groups and interests diverging and finding equilibrium binding and adjust the conflict of interests between workers and business owners across the codified and periodic settlements.

    4 - restructuring the state and laws by creating a democratic political climate of a pluralist includes the separation of powers and the application of the principle of transparency and ensure the independence of the regulatory authorities.

    5 - strengthening the independence of trade union and activation of trade unions, professional syndicates and awareness adapted to the system of social market economy and democratic principles.

    6 - the fight against corruption and bureaucracy and return the money stolen and holding accountable those who enriched the expense of public money.

    the Iraqi situation requires direct process development and use of optimal supplier and thus investment cumulative profit as well as the adoption of economic and social strategic plans and legislation of laws governing the preparation of the administrative system to monitor implementation and performance monitoring.

    The free market can not provide a fair solution satisfactory to all segments of society, particularly the poor and middle layers, and edit Foreign trade unregulated domestic economy and the organization of the internal market and to protect producers and consumers from monopoly and dumping and the dominance of the major transnational corporations on the market will lead to social upheavals and economic.

    as if building a strong community depends on building a strong economy , and in turn produces a strong country and this needs to provide a solid legislative environment as well as the regrouping of Statoil weak private sector operation already as a result of minimized by the central state before 2003 and domination by the tribal party after 2003, in addition, the low investment rates and increasing unemployment and widespread corruption also requires the accounting of enriched on the expense of public money. What is needed is to rebuild trust state institutions and the banking and embark on the establishment of the structure of excellent productivity and achieve high growth rates sector, the less corruption and say , waste of public money and achieve a large economic surplus achieved social justice. It must also stimulate investment and encourage the private sector to set up small and medium enterprises to absorb unemployment and reduce the number of state employees and activating the competition for the production and export of commodities other than oil, they must achieve an economic surplus is far from oil exports and its distribution between the production cycle, development and social rehabilitation of manpower and training Bzjha investment projects new instead of arbitrarily disbanded. It must freeing the economy from the control of political interests and the rebuilding of the economy and society and then the state so we could compete for survival in a globalized world, because isolation will lead us to further marginalization. All the negative phenomena Social disappear inevitably soon as you move to the social market economy in a scientific programmer.

    And as a plan previews should follow the following:

    1 - Reform of Parliament and develop an appropriate plan to bypass the neck of Economic bottle.

    2 - Support for true civil society organizations to play the role of the connective tissue between the state and community and in particular the professional organizations and popular.

    3 - The goal is to create development, and development need to invest and investment needs to turn the stability and stability need to be a climate of openness, freedom, pluralism and respect for the law and the development of immunity of public money and private.

    All these factors are climate able to encourage domestic investment and attract foreign capital, as it must notify the investor encouraged by the political climate and legislation to ensure the rule of law as well as the integrity of the executive organs of health.

    this requires the parties , the problem for the government to exert greater democracy within the formations and the government should open up more the social groups with the necessity to create a new national economic system that guarantees the rights of all groups , especially the poor and low - income people who already were fodder for the wars and they were a victim of the mistakes of economic policies Tahnthm prelude to crush them.

    development must guide the intelligent targeting poor groups as well as the optimal use of available resources, develop and achieve cumulative profit through strategy supported by a legal officer legislation and socio - economic plans, as well as the rehabilitation of the administrative apparatus and elevate it to follow up the implementation and performance monitoring.

    * economic forum chairman Baghdad

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