Boolean: the Ministry of finance plans to sell government bonds outside Iraq are expensive and not useful
June 6, 2016 5. 0

Our economy/Baghdad

Counting of the parliamentary economy and Investment Committee Chairman Jawad Al-bulani, the Finance Ministry plans to sell government bonds outside Iraq as unhelpful and costly to the country.

He told reporters he informed our agency newsletter, that "showing and selling bonds out of Iraq is an expansion in fiscal policy and not the feasibility and benefit" as he put it, stating that "the interest rate would be high cost the country money."

He called Al-bulani, the Ministry of finance to develop a realistic vision for managing the financial resources of the country, adding that "there are debts payable to the Ministry of finance and the Iraqi Government is obliged to pay such dues to contractors and companies.

The payment method is a consensus between the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank, which in turn buys these bonds and converts it into cash or cash companies and contractors can utilize them to support business and market and move the wheel work in the country, but selling international bonds is considered out of financial policy and does no good. "

He continued: "We encourage the Finance Ministry through its institutions to purchase bonds of contractors and through State banks and the Central Bank also has a role in this issue and the internal debt, but does not encourage the sale of bonds outside the country."