The announcement of the liquid gas export via the tender soon

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The announcement of the liquid gas export via the tender soon

{Baghdad} Euphrates News affiliate gas company explained to the Oil Ministry, said that the export of gas to liquid states will be through legal tender.

He said the company 's director Ali slave, told {Euphrates News}, "before the formation of the agency Gas Affairs at the ministry was liquid gas are usually imported from abroad to meet the actual need in addition to the national product, and after the emergence of the results of its sector {gas} and export of gas condensate and stop the import of gas , there is a plan to export the surplus of liquid gas to the outside. "

He added , " are usually gas export agreement with SOMO , "explaining , " will be exported surplus to countries that can import gas and through the legal tender quantities. "

the slave" in the very near future gas will be exported. "

He explained that" stop the import and sufficiency national to the product and export the surplus, it means providing financial liquidity that can be supported through the economy, especially in light of the suffering of the country from the crisis and financial scarcity during this phase, "returned it a " good signal gas sector and the oil Ministry , which received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the World Bank to be scaled gas burning this is a result of efforts to Mtsidin in the oil sector. "

the Undersecretary of the Ministry of oil for gas Hamid Zubai, said 28 of last May's {Euphrates News} the coming days will witness "export gas liquid because of the surplus existing in the country."

He said Zubai " has been exporting third quantity of gas condensate, which is slightly less than the liquid gas which is equivalent diets were two years previously issued , " explaining "third meal were exported amounted to 21 thousand and 600 cubic meters for the coming days will be a liquid gas which is used in homes because of the surplus existing in the country 's export , "noting that" the export process will be in cooperation with the State oil Marketing company {Sumo}. "

between," and we came to 5,000 tons per day as the country 's need in today is 4000 thousand tons. "
the oil Ministry has issued on 20 and 30 March last two shipments of gas condensate quantity of each one of them 10 000 m3
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