Said MP Zana is likely not to return the House to its former glory

06/06/2016 0 Visit

Favored the House of Representatives member from the Kurdistan Alliance MP Zana happy Roustaa, on Monday, the House of Representatives does not return to its previous status in terms of political calm, as he pointed out that disabled its led to the delay in approving about 100 law.

He Roustaa, according to the Sumerian News, said that "it is difficult that life is returning nature of the House of Representatives to normal after the political turmoil that happened Council," explaining that "the former calm Council went not come back even if it passed the Federal Court's legitimacy Salim al-Jubouri, because there are more than 100 deputy will be opposition within the council.

" He added that "these MPs would oppose laws that arise at the meetings, as well as their opposition to the administration's Council meeting," adding that "disable the House of Representatives led to the delay in approving the law, about 100 have been read as reading some of the first and last second reading."

Roustaa He continued, "There are many reasons led to disrupt the work of the Council, including the political differences and lack of seriousness of the government about the pace of the reform process."

And it gave the Federal Court, May 29, 2016, media experts six days to offer their expertise files Bgelsta own parliament, while the court decided to postpone the hearing, claiming sessions to the 8th of June current.

This came after a court held two meetings to consider the appeal proceedings Bgelsta the House of Representatives on 14 and April 26.

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