It killed 148 terrorists and treatment of 370 houses and booby-trapped explosive device west of Baghdad

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News security forces killed 148 terrorists during the implementation offensive operations west of Baghdad.

A statement by the Baghdad Operations Command, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that "our security forces in the squad for the first rapid intervention managed to kill three terrorists and wounded six others within boycotted the responsibility of the band."

He added, "With managed our security forces in Infantry Division 14 implemented a number of offensive operations west of Baghdad, resulting in the deaths of 148 terrorist and wounding 67 others, and destroying 24 wheel motorcycle and boat to the enemy, and the dismantling of the wheel booby-trapped one and processing 108 a booby-trapped home."

"It has also been dismantled and address the explosive device 262, while 69 were destroyed and added the position of throwing the enemy, grabbing mechanism armored excavator and one cannon and three rockets were burying five Mpazl and opened by a distance of 9 km" .anthy